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Hoenderdaell estate

Bobbing crocodiles, hundreds of colourful birds, playful ring-tailed lemurs and monkeys on the hill and... are those fallow deer in the forest? You'll find it all on Hoenderdaell Estate!

The animal enclosures on Hoenderdaell Estate are in the middle of a beautiful nature area. The route takes you throught the forest, through vast fields and along the water. On the route you will discover many different kinds of plants and animals. Make sure to keep your eyes open and stay alert because it may justy be that your path is crossed by an emu, a pheasant or one of the other free-roaming inhabitants of the zoo. In the middle of the forest, you will find the Lion Foundatation ( Stichting Leeuw ) accomodation where seven tigers currently reside. A visit with Falconer Karel at 14:00/2 p.m. for his spectacular bird of prey show is also an absolute must.

From a children's zoo to a garden for birds of prey and from jungle to plains with jumping kangaroos. Hoenderdaell Estate has it all.

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